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I provide quality German-English translation services.


I have been working in translation for more than 10 years, both as a freelance and as a staff translator. I am able to offer an excellent knowledge of the German language and German culture, as well as outstanding writing skills in English.

I grew up in Wirksworth, a small town in Derbyshire. I studied German and Russian at the University of Leeds, then trained as a translator at the University of Bradford. I have also taught German at undergraduate level and translation at postgraduate level. I am a Member of the Institute of Translation and Interpreting (MITI).

In 2001-2002, I was employed as a staff translator at the German Bundestag in Berlin. I am now based in Lancaster, where I work as a freelance translator for direct clients in many fields and a number of translation agencies.


I only translate from German into English, and mainly work on texts that originate in the Federal Republic of Germany.

During my career, I have translated texts of all kinds, from technical manuals to after-dinner speeches and recipes for potato salad. However, in recent years I have specialised increasingly in the following areas:

Translating from just one language into English and concentrating on these subjects enables me to draw on the experience I have built up over the years and respond sensitively to the wider context of the particular text. This helps me to produce translations that meet the requirements of each individual client, whether they are needed for a business deal, a legal case or a marketing campaign.


My regular clients include:

German Bundestag
German Federal Ministry of the Environment, Nature Conservation and  Nuclear Safety

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